Aug 20, 2010

I hate bad luck

Today was looking like a pretty successful day; I got my assignments turned in on time, the first week of school's over, I had fun catching up with old friend, made some new friends, went and ate dinner with my sister, and then went for frozen yogurt. Of course, though, something had to ruin it.
I was backing out of the parking lot to Orange Leaf and, halfway pulled out of the spot (it was a tight fit and I was struggling to turn out), I noticed a Pickup truck directly behind me starting to back out! After I was still halfway out! I stopped--stuck in my place because of the nearby cars--honked a couple times and thought he would notice me, but he kept backing out! I finally laid on the horn and full-on blasted it. I hate the feeling of knowing for certain that I'm being hit.
The back corner of my cute little car is now dented and scratched! Awww. This sucks majorly.
I got his policy number and everything, and it wasn't my fault at all, but it's still stressing me out. I hope I'm not going to cost my dad any more money. It's not a bad dent, but it's still noticeable.
Now I'm just super tired. Not like I wasn't before, though.
Cross your fingers.

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