Nov 28, 2010

Thanksgiving & Roly Polies

I'm super duper excited right now! Guess who just finished both her essays to apply to the best college ever? I did! I'm pretty much done with my application now and just need to proof-read and send SAT scores. It's like a weight's just been lifted off my shoulders.
Also, I went to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows and Burlesque. Both were great movies!
I slept lots this Thanksgiving break and got a chance to get some decent photos. I hate pictures where I have dark circles and stuff...sleep deprivation is no laughing matter.
I also did lots of shopping on Black Friday and got my parents some gifts. I bought a few shirts and some makeup from Victoria's Secret, but that's about it for myself. I thought about doing a mini haul, but it seems like all I ever do is hauls and it's kind of boring.
Okay, so if you've known me at all as a child, you'd know I have some obsession with armadillidiidae (a.k.a. pill bugs or roly polies). They're so adorable, I think, and I love how they curl up and roll around like tiny armadillos. I always called them potato bugs, though, and I just now realized that they aren't potato bugs...actual potato bugs are scary and I need to stop calling them that now. Anyway, I found this little guy on my window sill and felt terrible to kick him outside in the cold...but I can't very well keep it.
pictures 024
Lastly, a picture my friend took for our photojournalism class. We're doing a long exposure exercise and I love how the bunny ears turned out :) Our faces look a little strange, though, because we moved while the picture was taking haha.

Nov 16, 2010

Missing Another Midnight Premier

I'm majorly disappointed! I really wanted to go to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premier, but it's a school night and I'm already super tired, so I can't go. Plus, I have no ticket. I guess I still have one more movie--one last chance--to see a midnight premier of a Harry Potter movie. I've never even been to a midnight premier of anything, now that I think of it.
The Last Airbender comes out on DVD today also! YES! I love the Avatar series :)
Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink on my nails this week.
Was messing with my camera settings earlier, got bored, and then took this. I like the color of the photo, so I thought I'd post it up.
My homework face. Isn't it attractive? Haha, no.

Nov 12, 2010

What's in my Purse

I made a new video! I've been dying to make a purse contents video for the past few months and finally I made one.
It's super annoying how my camera keeps refocusing, though. I need to figure out the settings on my camera still...I just don't have much time for figuring it out lately.

Nov 10, 2010

This year's been super monotonous

This is going to be a post mostly about nails today. I haven't been doing much aside from school, so I don't have much to really blog about.
I need vacation or something.
As if my life wasn't boring enough, I had to paint my nails a neutral and boring color as well. I've been searching for a good taupe color, though, and I think I might have found it. This color goes on super smooth and looks really nice. I've never tried Sonia Kashuk polish before, so I'm glad that I did. The color is 16 Tauped.
Sally Hansen's 200 Strobe Light over Milani's 513 Digital. After having taupe nails for a week, I had to trick myself into thinking that this week would be more exciting by making my nails super gaudy. I don't like how dull it turned out, I was hoping for a more vibrant effect, but next time maybe I can put a hot pink or something underneath.
I love my new purse so much. Pretty much all of my accessories are either black, white, pink, or metallic--but I like how it all matches that way. I got the bag from YesStyle--I totally love that site now. I'm going to have to order more sometime since it shipped so fast and the quality is good.

Nov 9, 2010


Okay, so I know that Halloween was forever ago, but I just now have had time to upload and edit photos. The past two weeks have been majorly hectic! This year's been hectic in general, though, it's like I'm always busy now.
On the night before Halloween I went to the local Asian festival and then to Saw 3D with Phuong and Hong. We dressed up to go since Halloween was on a Sunday and there was still school the next day.
Dorky 3D glasses!
Mirror pic with our cute costumes :) Hong was a Japanese maid, Phuong wore my fairy costume, and I was Little Red Riding Hood.
Another full-length picture. On actual Halloween night, Phuong changed to a Native American costume.
Went over to Taylor's house and she was dressed up like Fancy Nancy. Her hair was so nice looking! You can't see very well in this photo, but she spray painted parts of her hair pink to look just like Fancy Nancy.
Lastly, just some close-up photos of my Red Riding Hood costume.
Happy (late) Halloween!