Sep 26, 2010

Baby Face

Well, I'm just in a blogging mood. Two days of posting in a row :]
I feel like whenever I go shopping and am talking to people I don't know I'm mistaken for being older. In middle school, people were asking if I was a high that I'm in high school, I'm frequently mistaken for a university student. I'm not sure if it's my appearance or personality, though, because I'm frequently told I have big eyes, a "huge" forehead, and the face of a baby, which are all traits commonly associated with looking younger, right?
Well, it's Sunday and I'm feeling kind of lazy, so I didn't do my makeup. I've been told that girls who don't wear makeup look younger, so do I look younger without makeup? Or is it the same?
I think I need to darken my hair again. I like it a lot better when it's super darkdarkdark brown and almost black. Fun fact: my eyebrows and eyelashes are more of a soft black than a dark brown; so, they match better when I darken my hair.
This is almost identical to the previous photo, I know...
Showing off my nails =P I look like I have no eyelashes haha.
Rilakkuma ♥ Um, it was just sitting beside my desk and I thought it would make a good photo prop haha.
Nails of this week! It's Sinful Colors' Glass Pink and I love it. It's my new favorite sparkly nude-pinkish color, matches my skin tone perfect.
I tweeted a little while back that I was making a Adventure Time Finn foldable, so here it is. It was so perfect at first, then I dropped a heavy text book on he's a little crumpled. Sorry, Finn!

Sep 25, 2010

Cleaning, Dresses, and Nails

My room is clean! Clean! I'm impressed with myself, I didn't think I'd ever get it clean again once school started.
My organizational skills fail a bit, though. I took all of the nail polish in my room and put it on my mirror tray thing, along with my Hello Kitty clock (that I never use) and my Silly Bandz. I want to redecorate my room so badly--it's so ugly right now!
My desk area, complete with laptop, sewing machine, magazines, Blackberry, camera, a box of Honey-Comb cereal, photographs, a To-Do list, and a stuffed Rilakkuma bear. If you're wondering about that fuzzy pink thing in the top left corner, which I tried to cover with the heart design, it's a stuffed animal cat. I have a zillion stuffed animals in my room and I need to get rid of them! I feel like a five year old. I don't know what to do with them haha. Maybe donate to a charity? I hate the ugly white metal crates I use for shelving also, I need to get a bookcase or something that is less stupid looking.
After cleaning, I went to the mall and to some Halloween costume stores with Phuong. She came over at ten this morning and we designed a senior girls class shirt for school and then went shopping. I'm really not loving costumes this year; it seems like everything has a super short skirt or is dumb looking. I said I wanted to be Lady Gaga and the store clerk told me I wasn't suited for blonde hair! He said it really rudely--so annoying--when it's just for Halloween!
I did spot a cute homecoming dress, but I don't know if I'm going to the dance or not yet. I didn't get a photo, though! I may have to go snag it even if it's not for Homecoming since it's only $30.
Phuong and I tried on these dresses at the mall. Haha, we look like little fairies or something. I think they'd make super cute bridesmaid dresses or something...I don't know about a school dance, though.
My nails of the (last) week: Midnight Mission by China Glaze. I've been getting asked a lot lately by people at school how often I paint my nails. It's only once a week, but two girls seem to think I repaint everyday! Oh, jeez, that'd be a ton of polish to go through. I'm too lazy to redo my nails everyday and I'm fairly certain they'd start breaking apart and drying out.

Sep 19, 2010

Long Weekend

I had a four day weekend due to conferences and it was pretty good. I didn't get any homework and I finally got to relax a little. Kind of.
I went to Orange Leaf with Kelsey on Thursday and then wandered around some really lame Asian grocery store that smelled strange. I wish there was an Uwajimaya nearby, it doesn't get much better than that--unless you're actually in Asia lol. In case you're wondering, which you may very well be, the ice cream is chocolate peanut butter, green apple, and cake batter with gummy bears, mochi, chocolate sprinkles, and brownie bites on top. Yes, it was delicious.
I did my nails french-tip style for senior photos, which I took on Saturday (yesterday) morning. I can't wait to see how they turn out!
I kind of struggled to do makeup at six in the morning for the before mentioned senior photoshoot deal. I only had really crappy eyelash glue and it kept getting stuck on wrong. Luckily, I got it to kind of work out okay! The lashes, despite being glued on with water-proof glue, did start peeling off in about three hours. Ugh. My hair pretty much went weird wavy from the humidity outside also, so I hope the photos didn't turn out crappy because of that either.
Close-up on eye. I really love the lashes I bought, even if they didn't get glued on easily :P I did a shimmery nude shadow and black gel liner to keep it simple.
After photos, I went and tie-dyed t-shirts with Taylor. We did pastel pink and blue colors. I think mine turned out pretty good, since I've never tie-dyed before (except for a pair of socks in elementary school). I did a small shirt and a large shirt. The large one is just blue, small is pink and blue (and purple from mixing).
That's pretty much all I did. Kind of lame, yeah. I wish I had been able to go to the fair or something more exciting. I didn't even make any new videos.

Sep 2, 2010

Outfit of the day and first vlog

I love my nails this week!
I totally found the perfect glittery blue color...or three colors, I guess. I layered Salley Hansen's HD LCD polish over China Glaze's Midnight Mission and then topped both with Milani's Diamond Dazzel.
I really liked my outfit today as I left the house, but after school I kind of looked like crap. My makeup was all over the place and my hair was past the point of being attractively disheveled.
If you're curious to see the oh-so-lovely face under that cleverly placed heart, you can watch my first vlog that I did today!
I am seriously having trouble with forgetting stuff and misreading text for class. No joke, I've mistaken over ten numbers in this last week doing just algebraic equations. I feel so stupid because I'm like off in La La Land when I'm needing to focus.
Lets hope I can stop spacing out and start being my normal self! Haha, usually I'm the one who's totally focused and paying attention. I can't believe how off I've been lately.