Oct 27, 2010

New Coat

Some shopping stuff today. I'm expecting a new camera case and purse sometime this week too...I hate online orders because of the wait! I'm so impatient haha.
I haven't been able to find a good winter coat that I really like in forever, so when I found one at Old Navy I was beyond thrilled!
I love my new coat :) At first I couldn't decide if I should get the grey or the green one, but I'm glad I chose green. I have nothing green in my entire closet! It goes nicely with most of my stuff and isn't too matchy. It's super duper warm too omg! Inside has polar fleece lining--it's so nice!
Love faux fur hood ♥
I found a half-priced Too Faced blush set and had to get it. It's so cute! I really like the shimmer it has because it isn't too much. I hate when blush/bronzer makes you look like a glittery vampire-wannabe.
Blackberry has a case again! Hot pink is nice, but I wanted light pink. They didn't have one at the kiosk though, so I settled haha. Still cute anyway.

Oct 20, 2010

Birthday Haul

New video is up! It's pretty much just a haul of birthday presents. I didn't get my camera set up right though, so it looks like the same crappy quality.

Oct 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

My birthday was on the 13th and I had so much fun celebrating with friends. We all went to eat at Red Robin and took lots of photos together :)
I also got a new Olympus EP-1 camera from my dad. I didn't get a picture with it, but I will soon...it's so nice!
My nails for the first half of the week.
Second half of the week I did a neutral, sparkly nail color.
Outfit I wore to dinner and hanging out with friends.
My chinchilla. I think it's a nice photo, so I'll just sneak it into this completely unrelated post.

Everyone together :) I love this photo because everyone looks so cute.
I have a weird smile in this picture, but everyone else looks good :P
Back at my house I made matching headbands out of streamers for us haha! So cute :) My sister and her friend also blew up a ton of balloons and put them around the room.
My cake! My mom made it for me :) It's so cute and it tasted really yummy!
So many candles! I couldn't blow them all out at once.

Oct 9, 2010

Birthday Week

It starts tomorrow! The last week of being seventeen! My favorite day of the week is quite possibly Saturday, though, so I thought I'd start early...I'm impatient like that.
I'm kind of freaked out. I feel old.
I like taking photos of cute things. I'm tired of taking pictures of myself because I'm boring.
Outfit for today ♥ Well, kind of. I wore this for about ten minutes because I was wondering why I bought the skirt and if I would ever wear it.
I DID wear it, though, and this is proof! Haha.
Full view of skirt and my Minnie shirt. I love Minnie.
Lets end this with one of my infamous awkward poses :]

Oct 8, 2010

Sparkly Pink Nails

Here's a quick outfit of the day and nails of the week :)
I waited too long to take the photo and it was starting to get dark out, so the picture looks kind of crappy. I really hate flash right now.
Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in VIP Pink--love it! It's a sheer, sparkly pink that's seriously cute.

Oct 5, 2010

Halloween & My Future as a Lumberjack

New video up! Go watch :)
Did I really have two lumberjack-related posts in a row? What's wrong with me? I don't even really know what lumberjacks do other than cut trees...and I love trees </3

Oct 2, 2010

Does this flannel shirt make me look like a lumberjack yet?

I got really tired of my hair and had to cut it. I just trimmed the bangs, and I kind of messed up and made them too wide, but I think it turned out pretty okay. I also darkened my hair more because it had turned back to my natural brown color. A lot of stuff happened the past week and a half, which is good and bad at the same time.
I went to make posters for the Fall Festival with Phuong for our school's Multicultural club. I'm secretary now, which is nice :) I think our posters turned out pretty. We're supposed to incorporate eco-friendly themes into our posters, so that's why it's green and recycle-y.
With my sister at the park.
Yesterday I went to the mall with Phuong and Hong. Also, I've never been to Auntie Annie's for pretzels until yesterday and I have to admit that they're amazing! I got a plain pretzel, but I also tried bits of the almond and cinnamon and they're all so good ♥
We took way too many photos together.
Ugh. Awkward smile on my part. I was so tired by eight o' clock. The homecoming game was last night and so we went to that after the mall...but, out of the three of us, no one knew anything about football! Our school lost the game...but I have no idea how. They half-time show was good, though :)
I got some new earrings and a flannel shirt at Forever 21 last night, so I had to wear it today. I love it! One of the buttons came off though...so I need to sew it back on. I really like the photo, though. I've been taking too many photos with flash lately and they don't look as good as natural lighting.
Showing off my new earrings. I love how tiny the hearts are.
I went to one of my favorite local Korean & Japanese restaurants for lunch today. I ordered Bibimbap, which was very yummy :)
My new Sanrio 2011 planner I tweeted about! It's so adorable ♥♥
I can't wait to write in it! Should I use pen or pencil? I can't decide.