Aug 26, 2010

Makeup and stuff

I've been doing a whole lot of homework lately. And drama watching. And Youtubing.
Pretty much everyday boredom cures, right?
So I tried doing something with the new mint green polish that I found (which I showed in my last post with the haul)...and it turned out kind of gross.
Am I right? It looks like old rusting copper or something. Maybe the gold wasn't the best idea. I took it off promptly, though, not to worry! I now have super glittery nails...which I didn't get a photo of.
Random photo.

Aug 21, 2010

Shopping time!

I went shopping today and had lots of fun seeing new fall clothes. I made a haul video if you want to see what all I purchased :)

Aug 20, 2010

I hate bad luck

Today was looking like a pretty successful day; I got my assignments turned in on time, the first week of school's over, I had fun catching up with old friend, made some new friends, went and ate dinner with my sister, and then went for frozen yogurt. Of course, though, something had to ruin it.
I was backing out of the parking lot to Orange Leaf and, halfway pulled out of the spot (it was a tight fit and I was struggling to turn out), I noticed a Pickup truck directly behind me starting to back out! After I was still halfway out! I stopped--stuck in my place because of the nearby cars--honked a couple times and thought he would notice me, but he kept backing out! I finally laid on the horn and full-on blasted it. I hate the feeling of knowing for certain that I'm being hit.
The back corner of my cute little car is now dented and scratched! Awww. This sucks majorly.
I got his policy number and everything, and it wasn't my fault at all, but it's still stressing me out. I hope I'm not going to cost my dad any more money. It's not a bad dent, but it's still noticeable.
Now I'm just super tired. Not like I wasn't before, though.
Cross your fingers.

Aug 19, 2010

My Boring Daily Life & Skin79 BBCream Review

So, the first day of senior year wasn't so bad. I mean, it is high school. Not like something spectacular like dancing elephants will show up. Now I have to find a studio for senior pictures that's not sucky and figure out some way to be more photogenic. No one wants another awkward school-related picture where you end up like grimacing/sneezing/blinking/whatever. My most recent picture, the one in the yearbook, I'm making a lovely smile-frown. It's like my mouth disappeared.
I finished Pretty Little Liars and am craving to read the next book in the series. Sadly, I'm taking English this semester, along with Calculus and Chemistry II, so I don't think I'll be up for much more reading for a while.
That's okay though, because next semester my schedule's going to be a lot lighter and I'll have plenty of time for reading, Youtube, blogging, wasting my time, or whatever.
Speaking of Youtube, I have a new video up today with a review on Skin79's Triple Function Pink Label BB Cream. Just saying the product name is like a tongue-twister. I'm kind of spacy/dead/tired today, like I am whenever I want to make a video, it seems. I love how all of the preview images of  the videos are awkward faces and poses.

Aug 15, 2010

Beachy Dolly Waves with a Flat Iron

New video is up on how to get waves with a flat iron :) It's super easy to do and it only takes about 12 minutes.

It's my first tutorial, so hopefully it isn't all vague and terrible lol. I love how, so far, both of my video preview images are stupid faces. I need to stop that :P
Next I'll probably do a review on my Skin79 BB Cream.

Summer's Ending

I can't believe that the summer's already ending. School starts back up this week.
A couple days ago Kelsey, my sister, and I went shopping. Of course, since there was a giant mirror in one of the stores, had to take a picture together.
We're all about the same height now, so weird. I like how all three of us has dyed our hair recently. While we were in Claire's, I turned around to look for them and realized they were right in front of me. How terrible is that to not recognize your own sister and friend of 5 years!
Went to a local cupcake shop yesterday and bought some cuties. The cupcakes weren't all that great tasting; I think even box cake mix tastes better. They did do a good job on decorating, though.
I painted my nails with polka dots and Mickey Mouse design. I have some kind of recent love of the mouse silhouette. Much easier than trying for Hello Kitty on my nails haha--that would turn out as a major fail.