Aug 15, 2010

Summer's Ending

I can't believe that the summer's already ending. School starts back up this week.
A couple days ago Kelsey, my sister, and I went shopping. Of course, since there was a giant mirror in one of the stores, had to take a picture together.
We're all about the same height now, so weird. I like how all three of us has dyed our hair recently. While we were in Claire's, I turned around to look for them and realized they were right in front of me. How terrible is that to not recognize your own sister and friend of 5 years!
Went to a local cupcake shop yesterday and bought some cuties. The cupcakes weren't all that great tasting; I think even box cake mix tastes better. They did do a good job on decorating, though.
I painted my nails with polka dots and Mickey Mouse design. I have some kind of recent love of the mouse silhouette. Much easier than trying for Hello Kitty on my nails haha--that would turn out as a major fail.

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