Sep 2, 2010

Outfit of the day and first vlog

I love my nails this week!
I totally found the perfect glittery blue color...or three colors, I guess. I layered Salley Hansen's HD LCD polish over China Glaze's Midnight Mission and then topped both with Milani's Diamond Dazzel.
I really liked my outfit today as I left the house, but after school I kind of looked like crap. My makeup was all over the place and my hair was past the point of being attractively disheveled.
If you're curious to see the oh-so-lovely face under that cleverly placed heart, you can watch my first vlog that I did today!
I am seriously having trouble with forgetting stuff and misreading text for class. No joke, I've mistaken over ten numbers in this last week doing just algebraic equations. I feel so stupid because I'm like off in La La Land when I'm needing to focus.
Lets hope I can stop spacing out and start being my normal self! Haha, usually I'm the one who's totally focused and paying attention. I can't believe how off I've been lately.

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