Oct 27, 2010

New Coat

Some shopping stuff today. I'm expecting a new camera case and purse sometime this week too...I hate online orders because of the wait! I'm so impatient haha.
I haven't been able to find a good winter coat that I really like in forever, so when I found one at Old Navy I was beyond thrilled!
I love my new coat :) At first I couldn't decide if I should get the grey or the green one, but I'm glad I chose green. I have nothing green in my entire closet! It goes nicely with most of my stuff and isn't too matchy. It's super duper warm too omg! Inside has polar fleece lining--it's so nice!
Love faux fur hood ♥
I found a half-priced Too Faced blush set and had to get it. It's so cute! I really like the shimmer it has because it isn't too much. I hate when blush/bronzer makes you look like a glittery vampire-wannabe.
Blackberry has a case again! Hot pink is nice, but I wanted light pink. They didn't have one at the kiosk though, so I settled haha. Still cute anyway.

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