Nov 9, 2010


Okay, so I know that Halloween was forever ago, but I just now have had time to upload and edit photos. The past two weeks have been majorly hectic! This year's been hectic in general, though, it's like I'm always busy now.
On the night before Halloween I went to the local Asian festival and then to Saw 3D with Phuong and Hong. We dressed up to go since Halloween was on a Sunday and there was still school the next day.
Dorky 3D glasses!
Mirror pic with our cute costumes :) Hong was a Japanese maid, Phuong wore my fairy costume, and I was Little Red Riding Hood.
Another full-length picture. On actual Halloween night, Phuong changed to a Native American costume.
Went over to Taylor's house and she was dressed up like Fancy Nancy. Her hair was so nice looking! You can't see very well in this photo, but she spray painted parts of her hair pink to look just like Fancy Nancy.
Lastly, just some close-up photos of my Red Riding Hood costume.
Happy (late) Halloween!

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