Nov 28, 2010

Thanksgiving & Roly Polies

I'm super duper excited right now! Guess who just finished both her essays to apply to the best college ever? I did! I'm pretty much done with my application now and just need to proof-read and send SAT scores. It's like a weight's just been lifted off my shoulders.
Also, I went to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows and Burlesque. Both were great movies!
I slept lots this Thanksgiving break and got a chance to get some decent photos. I hate pictures where I have dark circles and stuff...sleep deprivation is no laughing matter.
I also did lots of shopping on Black Friday and got my parents some gifts. I bought a few shirts and some makeup from Victoria's Secret, but that's about it for myself. I thought about doing a mini haul, but it seems like all I ever do is hauls and it's kind of boring.
Okay, so if you've known me at all as a child, you'd know I have some obsession with armadillidiidae (a.k.a. pill bugs or roly polies). They're so adorable, I think, and I love how they curl up and roll around like tiny armadillos. I always called them potato bugs, though, and I just now realized that they aren't potato bugs...actual potato bugs are scary and I need to stop calling them that now. Anyway, I found this little guy on my window sill and felt terrible to kick him outside in the cold...but I can't very well keep it.
pictures 024
Lastly, a picture my friend took for our photojournalism class. We're doing a long exposure exercise and I love how the bunny ears turned out :) Our faces look a little strange, though, because we moved while the picture was taking haha.

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