Sep 26, 2010

Baby Face

Well, I'm just in a blogging mood. Two days of posting in a row :]
I feel like whenever I go shopping and am talking to people I don't know I'm mistaken for being older. In middle school, people were asking if I was a high that I'm in high school, I'm frequently mistaken for a university student. I'm not sure if it's my appearance or personality, though, because I'm frequently told I have big eyes, a "huge" forehead, and the face of a baby, which are all traits commonly associated with looking younger, right?
Well, it's Sunday and I'm feeling kind of lazy, so I didn't do my makeup. I've been told that girls who don't wear makeup look younger, so do I look younger without makeup? Or is it the same?
I think I need to darken my hair again. I like it a lot better when it's super darkdarkdark brown and almost black. Fun fact: my eyebrows and eyelashes are more of a soft black than a dark brown; so, they match better when I darken my hair.
This is almost identical to the previous photo, I know...
Showing off my nails =P I look like I have no eyelashes haha.
Rilakkuma ♥ Um, it was just sitting beside my desk and I thought it would make a good photo prop haha.
Nails of this week! It's Sinful Colors' Glass Pink and I love it. It's my new favorite sparkly nude-pinkish color, matches my skin tone perfect.
I tweeted a little while back that I was making a Adventure Time Finn foldable, so here it is. It was so perfect at first, then I dropped a heavy text book on he's a little crumpled. Sorry, Finn!

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